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Modulo Amplificador Rca 5 Canais Audiophonic Club 5.1hp

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Cabo RCA Stinger SHI4320 HPM3 4 Canais 6m

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  Cabo Rca Monster Cable 402XLN 5m Subwoofer


De: R$ 490,00
Por: R$ 359,00
Fabricante: Monster Cable
Disponibilidade: Esgotado

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Cabo RCA Monster Cable 402XLN XTREME 5m Subwoofer (2 Canais)


About Monster Cable:

Monster Cable® Products, Inc. is the worlds leading manufacturer of cables for audio, video, home theater, car, computer, satellite, and custom installation.

Monster began manufacturing premium speaker cables 21 years ago. Monster has since grown to encompass several different new divisions that manufacture and market a variety of superior quality products including Monster Game®, Monster Power® power conditioning solutions, Entech® audio and video components and Monster Sound® loudspeakers. Monster products have become an indispensable accessory for music lovers, audiophiles, recording studios, sound professionals, musicians, custom installers, computer users and home theater enthusiasts throughout the world.

About Monster Cable Performance Car Audio 400 Series:

From audio and subwoofer interconnects to fiber optic and multimedia interfaces, Monster 400 Series offers our highest-performing line of ultra-advanced, patented Monster technologies like 3-Way Time Correct® Windings and product designs that maximize signal transfer between your head unit, amplifiers and other system components.

About Monster Performance Car Audio 400 Series Interconnects:

Maximize Signal Transfer and Noise Rejection for Audiophile Qualtiy Sound with Superior Sonic Clarity
Ultimate performance audio requires an ultimate performance cable. Monster 400 Series Audio Interconnects feature patented technologies including XLN® Xtreme, PEX™ dielectric and 3-way Time Correct® windings for a wider soundstage, pinpoint imaging and precision bass. But Monster performance doesn’t stop there. An ultra-polished MirrorChrome™ finish and HexMesh™ jacketing offer aesthetics that make an impact. No matter what your system, you’ll experience powerful music, movies and gaming audio with maximum sonic clarity and stunning visual appeal.



XLN® XT technology with up to 80+dB noise rejection.
MicroFiber® conductor insulation provides the best isolation for improved clarity.
400 Series exclusive Ultra Polished Mirror Chrome finish
3-way Time Correct® windings with separate high, mid and low frequency wire networks for cleaner sound.
8-cut Turbine® Stubby™ connectors.
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